S.H.A.R.E. Internacional, Inc.
Sustainable & Holistic Advances for Rural Education

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Pleases consider supporting our work by sending a tax-deductible donation to:

SHARE Internacional, Inc.
c/o Osman Kabia
6042 The Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28215

Online Contributions

Other Ways to Support Us

  • Computers and Information Technology equipment
  • Water Filtration Systems (i.e buckets with water filters, or just filters)
  • First-aid and medical supplies
  • Grant application assistance
  • Networking opportunities with other organizations, corporations, foundations and Universities
  • Athletic and sports equipment
  • Blankets (for clinics)
  • Chlorine tablets (for well water)
  • School Supplies (besides basic supplies... microscopes, microscope slides, brain chart, digestive system chart, vitamins & minerals charts, geological charts, skeletal system chart, Periodic table and other health and science lab equipment and materials)
  • Volunteers

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