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Sustainable & Holistic Advances for Rural Education

Education Programs


Civic Education Camp

It is the view of SHARE Internacional that an informed and capable adolescent is vital to the preservation of a free society. Each year, SHARE will select adolescences representing a diverse tribal affiliation to participate in a month long civic education camp.  At the conclusion of the civic education camp, participants will have obtained the necessary requisite skills and confidence to assert and exercise their rights and responsibilities as sound citizens in a free society.  The agenda and activities of the civic education camp shall consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • History of Sierra Leone Independence
  • Past and Current Leaders of Sierra Leone
  • Field Trips to Historical and National Institutions
  • World Events
  • Volunteerism
  • Fundamentals of the English Language
  • Book Reading Assignments
  • Guest Speakers


Children laptop

Rural Computer Literacy

Due to the development in information and communication technology, the world has become a technological global village. The inter-connector in this technological global village is the computer. Computer literacy has become a fact of everyday life in developed nations and urban centers in underdeveloped countries. Unfortunately, adolescents residing in rural areas are lagging behind in acquiring basic levels of computers literacy skills, which would allow them to participate in the technological global village.

SHARE Internacional will partner with rural primary schools to set up computer centers. It is the hope of SHARE Internacional to have computer literacy courses incorporated as part of the curriculum for each participating school. The maintenance and safe-guarding of computers, equipments and the centers shall be a shared responsibility of the community, students and teachers. SHARE Internacional shall conduct periodic visitations to participating schools and will suggest that the computer literacy curriculum cover, but not limited to, the following:

  • Basic Computer Literacy - functions, operation and maintenance
  • Creating and Editing Documents - PowerPoint, Word, Excel
  • E-Mail Communication
  • Typing
  • Security and privacy
  • Internet



Tuition and Tutorial Assistance

Pilot Program

Update: 2014 Students have been selected!

SHARE Internacional has partnered with the following nine primary schools in Lunsar District to provide tutorial lessons (Pilot Project) to 40 students that are currently in 6th grade and eligible to take the National Primary School Examination (NPSE) to be administered in May 2014. Students in 6th grade must take and pass the NPSE in order to advance their education to the Junior Secondary School level. In previous years, students in Lunsar have not done well on the NPSE and other national exams (Basic Education Certificate Examination and West Africa Senior Secondary School Examination).  The teachers, the Chief and leaders of the community welcome our tutorial project. The Chief stated our project arrived at the “right time”.  Fortunate parents most at times hire private tutors at expensive rate to provide lessons to their children. Less fortunate parents have no such means. We are trying to fill the gap by providing free tutorial lessons to a selected number of students for the pilot phase of the project. We plan on opening the project to more students as funds permit.

The 40 students will be selected on merit as discussed and agreed by the nine headmasters representing the respective primary schools. The students shall consist of 20 boys and 20 girls to make up a total of 40 students. R.C. (Roman Catholic) Boys and R.C. Girls has decided to host the pilot project by allowing SHARE to utilize their facilities as needed. Due to hosting the program, an agreement was reached to allow 12 students to come from the two schools (six from R.C. Boys and six from R.C. Girls). The remaining seven partnering schools will select four students (two boys and two girls) respectively to participate in the program.

The nine partnering schools consist of students that reside in surrounding villages and township from Lunsar District. The tutorial lessons will be offered on Saturdays starting March 1, 2014 for four hours. The lessons will run until May 3, 2014.  The selected students will not carry or share any financial burden to participate in the program. All preparation materials for the NPSE shall be covered by SHARE thanks to our individual donors. SHARE has agreed to provide refreshments and snacks for participating students every Saturday.

In addition to the 40 selected students, the nine partnering schools will recommend four teachers that are qualify in the subject matters covered in the NPSE exam. Once the list of recommendation is received, SHARE will conduct an interview session with all four teachers for further assessment to ensure that qualification is met. If the qualification is met, SHARE will contract with the teachers (at an agreeable fee) to teach the 40 students on the NPSE subjects (Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, Mathematics, General Studies and English).   

Primary Schools


School Motto

R.C. Boys

Mr. David Dauda Tarawalie

Seat of Wisdom

R.C. Girls

Sister. Helen Nzeakpawusi

Seat of Wisdom

R.C. Mabesseneh

Mr. Alusine Paul Koroma

Work Hard for the Future

R.C. Labor Camp

Mr. Osman M. Kamara

Seat of Wisdom

Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood

Mr. Samuel R. Koroma

Allah and One Faith

Sierra Leone Church

Rev. Sheriff A. Sankoh

Let There Be Light

United Methodist Church

Mr. Joseph M. Sesay

Seize The Opportunity


Mr. Abu Bakarr A.O. Bah

Service to Mankind

Port Loko District Council

Mr. Edward B. Kabia


Under the Tuition and Tutorial Assistance Program, SHARE Internacional will offer tutorial courses to students in primary, junior and senior secondary schools in rural areas. Since national examinations are administered in major cities, it requires long distance travel at high transportation costs, placing additional financial burdens on rural families whose income is estimated at one dollar a day. Families residing in larger cities centers save on transportation cost and can afford to hire private tutors for their children to study for their respective grade level examination. Providing tuition and tutorial assistance will not only increase the percentage of rural students taking national examinations, it will better prepare them to pass, thus allowing them to further their education.

  • National Primary School Examination
  • Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)
  • West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)